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At The Theatre

Faster sped my breath and pulse rate
When we locked eyes far away;
Through the crowds, amongst a thousand,
It seemed only you were there.

Suddenly our gaze was broken,
As a lady blocked my view;
Quickly then I moved around her -
Looking, seeking - you were gone.

Turning now toward lobby exit,
I forlornly walked, downcast;
Then at once with fireworks blasting,
You rushed up to speak to me.

Loving You

Loving you is as beautiful as a sunset.
Running through empty art museums,
Laughing when we are out of breath.
It feels as infinite as the stars in the sky,
As certain as the sun rising another day.

Loving you is a lifeboat in a storm,
My most favorite pair of shoes,
A good book on a rainy day.

Let’s pick petals off of flowers to verify our love.
Dance in parking lots in the light of your car,
Kiss me in the rain just like in the movies.


The night is solid black,
there is but one star out,
the moon a thin sliver.

And a sudden fear strikes me,
Which can happened if lost
in the middle of a black forest,

where you could not see the trees,
with barely enough light to see
beyond your outstretched arm.

So, we huddle closely together,
our souls burning like a light tower
against this, scary, too silent night.

We hold our vigil, share our heat,
the way fires can combine as one,
We await the saving light of day.

Memorial Day – 2024... origin of holiday

Strong and brave men and women
gave their level best
crème de la crème
strongest and bravest
leaving grieving significant others
with emotional agony
within treasured chest
o'er the redoubt
the enemy did crest,
where lovely bones
of forebears for everest

This silly game we play

I fell into a trance
as my cohorts
sang and danced.
Reluctant to acknowledge
my own weakness at a glance.
Within my heart I feel
my pretentions, all too real.
I cannot judge another
I must let my mood congeal.
Let others live and love,
with their own unique appeal!
For all the worlds a podium
speaking only what
we desire to reveal.
A broken sort of game we play
on a playground so surreal!
Our honesty dismembered
because of whom we fear!

Are you coming?

Early morning hours, midnights and the hours before dawn,
Seem to go pretty well with the thought of you, on my mind,
I'm thinking about you

As you would describe me,
Attached, lost and confused
There's never been an end to it, so I gave in,
Stopped fighting you

And when I read that tarot, it said you are coming back
It always does, but this time I have hope it's true

Is it true,
You are coming?

Luna Divina

Fanning clover blankets my dreams
sleeping heartily
beneath the persistent wax and wane
of an all knowing satellite
whose nightly candlelight vigils
illuminate the secret corners
of forgotten
yet once common knowledge

Moonlit magick leaping
unto the silver pages of wonder
waking once again within me
a fierce and bright inspiration

Incantations bask in a mellow glow
as all eternity
fails to expire before me
here I stand
captive to a heart like gravity


You departed this world,
But were forever in my heart,
Memories of you,
The treasures I cherished until the end of time.

Could you hear me?
When I wept,
I whispered your name on your birthday,
As I played our favorite song,
Curled up on the carpet.

Could you feel my agony?
When I touched your face in our photos,
Or my tears that stained your favorite pillow,
My feet were in your soft pink slippers,
Could you feel my frozen toes?
You used to call them my ten piggies,

Sleep on Me

Let me be the pillow
To rest your weary head
If you are needing comfort
Then let me be the bed

My arms are the blanket
That will keep you warm
Pull me in closer
Feel safe from a storm

If you should feel tired
And ready to sleep
Put your head on my chest

There is no place in the world
That I would rather be
With arms around my lovely
And she is right on top of me


So that a mighty god from your bosom
Might be dislodged
You forget yourself
In the echoes
Through the walls at night
Houses breathe here
Like their inhabitants
Uneasy and for blissful seconds
Sometimes not at all
Did you hear me when I whispered
You wouldn't be looking for me
If you hadn't found me
a devil disheveled
a worm unearthed
At odds with
Everything he's not
This is what ache looks like
For a home you can never have
Like love you will know


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